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Meet the Meetup: Sheffield DevOps

Join a community of people coming together to socialise, learn and share their expertise and experience of DevOps.

Since the first meeting in 2016, the Sheffield DevOps meet-up has been the go-to place for people working in sysadmin and DevOps to get together, socialise and learn. As the community re-builds Sheffield’s meet-up scene following the pandemic, we’re delighted that the DevOps meeting continues to thrive. Their next meet-up is scheduled on Thursday 8th

Meet the meetup: SheffTech Leadership

The meetup for every leader at every level in tech, to get together, share problems, discuss solutions and gain fresh perspectives. We spoke to Michael Jervis, Head of Digital at MattressOnline and SheffTech Leadership organiser to find out more.

The meet ups are open to anyone working, or aspiring to work in a leadership role, they last two hours and are facilitated discussions with a different topic each month. They have been designed to help new and experienced leaders learn from each other, in a supportive, safe environment. By sharing different perspectives, ways of

Meet the Meetup: Startup Meetup

Since launching in June last year, this meetup series dedicated to startups and all things entrepreneurial is setting its sights on growth in 2022.

What made you want to start the meetup? Startup Genome, the world’s leading startup ecosystem research and solutions company, qualifies ‘connectedness’ as one of the most important metrics when it comes to a startup ecosystem’s success. And connectedness can increase with networking and meetup events such as the Startup Meetup. What did you do to

Meet the Meetup: Sheffield DM

This successful event for digital marketers is back with a bang in September, with a hybrid format, a new venue, and three exciting speakers.

Why and when did you start the Sheffield DM meetup? Officially, Sheffield DM started in November 2018 as a remedy to the lack of great digital marketing events in the wider Sheffield and South Yorkshire region. In reality, the idea stemmed a good year before that after I tweeted about an inkling of an idea