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Company Spotlight: TUBR

Real-time improved predictions that reduce costs with complete and incomplete data sets.

TUBR’s mission is to remove barriers for businesses to access machine learning without requiring in-house data science capabilities, or complete data sets. TUBR offers machine learning as a product service and only requires 20% of the normal data required to make accurate predictions 21 days into the future. We spoke to Co-Founder and CEO Dash

Company spotlight: Verticode

Helping founders and innovators get their MVPs to market quickly

Born out of frustration at the barriers faced by founders and innovators trying to get MVPs to market, Verticode uses a proprietary automation toolkit to accelerate the software development process. Effectively, they make it cheaper and faster to get a software product into the market for testing. Customers can pay up to 90% less than

Learn with Paper

New training for user researchers

Learn to do user research Paper’s first course is designed for people who have some experience of either doing user research or working with user research. This might include those working in their first user research role, or retraining in this specialist area. The course will be delivered to a small group, allowing the facilitators

BRM Start-up Advice: Intellectual Property Awareness

This article has been brought to you by Sheffield Digital Associate Sponsors BRM Law. It presents a few key aspects of Intellectual Property awareness for technology and digital businesses, and the common pitfalls when dealing with, developing, and protecting their Intellectual Property in commercial arrangements.

We are all reasonably familiar with examples of Trademarks, such as the McDonald’s logo, Patents such as Ford’s heated front windscreens, and the Copyright protection afforded to the latest chart releases. However, in addition to these, there are several other less well-known forms of IP rights, which, whilst not afforded their own “brand” of IP