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Company Spotlight: TUBR

Real-time improved predictions that reduce costs with complete and incomplete data sets.

TUBR’s mission is to remove barriers for businesses to access machine learning without requiring in-house data science capabilities, or complete data sets. TUBR offers machine learning as a product service and only requires 20% of the normal data required to make accurate predictions 21 days into the future. We spoke to Co-Founder and CEO Dash

Guest post: How to fairly and safely terminate employment

Expert advice from Bhayani Law to help you navigate resignations, redundancies and settlement agreements

Resignations If an employee wishes to leave, they should inform the employer in writing and state how much notice they are giving before their employment will come to an end. To determine the right length of notice, the starting point will be the contract of employment. This contract should state how much notice the employer

Northern Value Creators is our new Associate Sponsor

The specialist team of leadership coaches wants to fill the people skills gap in the tech industry.

Northern Value Creators was founded by husband and wife duo, Simon and Amanda Cookson in 2016. They have 20 years’ combined experience of working in tech and education – including managing multi-million-pound digital transformation projects and building the UK’s first digital bank. Along with the many positive experiences, in that time they saw how toxic

Company spotlight: Pendo

Pendo is a global SaaS company with a fast-growing Sheffield base

Pendo is a SaaS company which brings product analytics, in-app guidance and feedback together in one product management platform. More than 8,700 companies use Pendo to provide ‘better software experiences’ to 700 million people every month. Pendo launched their Feedback and Roadmaps products when it acquired Receptive’s product feedback platform. Now valued at $2.6 billion,

Becoming a B Corp: an interview with Mina

We find out more about the B Corp certification process from the Sheffield start-up.

For anyone who hasn’t come across your company before, please can you give us a quick reminder about what Mina does? Mina’s co-founders came together to solve a problem: as a lot of businesses migrate to electric vehicles at scale, how do they pay for the charging of those vehicles? So, we’re a B2B SAAS