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Digital Degree Apprenticeships – an update

Updated 10th March - the latest information about Sheffield Hallam University’s Digital Degree Apprenticeships.

Sheffield Hallam University has now officially launched its “Digital and Technology Solutions Professional” degree apprenticeship, with plans for delivery to start in September 2017. The programme is designed to take three years, leading to a BSc Honours degree. The course content is based on a government approved standard which was developed by leading tech employers. It

Introducing the Tech Partnership

This guest post from Philip Rubenstein outlines what the Partnership does and how employers can get involved.

Will we have the skills for a bright digital future? In these uncertain times, it’s comforting to hold up digital as a shining example of UK economic success. This is, after all, an industry that contributes around £100 billion a year to the nation’s wealth – some 6% of GDP. It’s also an industry set

New resources to support teachers delivering the computing curriculum.

ARM has supported the Tech Partnership to develop key learning modules.

A series of online resources designed to help teachers build their knowledge of key computing concepts, and to convey them creatively in the classroom, has been designed by the Tech Partnership – with support from technology company ARM. Three e-learning modules, suitable for teachers of all Key Stages, introduce Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Principles of

Sheffield’s Tech Talent Pipeline – where is it?

Liz Wallis of Sero Consulting introduces our new Skills resource with an overview of pre-19 activity in Sheffield.

“Wow! I didn’t realise there was so much happening!” That’s a typical comment whenever I talk about the different coding and making activities happening all over Sheffield in the education and skills space for under 19 year olds. So what is going on and why is it not more visible? In this post, I’ll attempt