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Front End North is back for 2020

The conference for web designers and developers returns to Sheffield next February and tickets, sponsorship and speaking opportunities are now available.

We were excited to read plans for next February’s Front End North conference, now in the very capable hands of the gang behind Front End Sheffield. They have taken the reigns from Make Do, who did a fantastic job of establishing Front End North as a one day conference and bringing it to Sheffield. We

Meet talented people from the Tech Set Go! developer course

A new training programme is connecting employers to a diverse pool of future developers.

Tech Set Go! is a programme focused on finding and training individuals who are typically underrepresented in the tech sector – women for example, and individuals who are neurodiverse but have an aptitude for tech. We also wanted to focus on areas of deprivation where links with tech sector employers are often weaker. The core

SHU launches short placement scheme to strengthen talent pipeline

Sheffield Hallam University is inviting employers to take first year computing students on a one week placement to give them early exposure to the world of work.

SHU is extending its employability offer to first year students, adding to its successful history of internships and year-in-industry placements. The week long placements are designed to show Computing students the inner workings of Sheffield’s tech businesses, helping them to contextualise their learning and develop the skills that employers need. This could really strengthen the

Advocacy Update for September 2019

Mel, Chris and others we know very often participate in fora where Sheffield's economic strategy is discussed. Where possible, we want to share what gets talked about at these meetings, so that everyone has a chance to be more involved if they want to be.

We cover 4 engagements in this September update: A First Tuesday Business Breakfast at C/M/S. A Sheffield Digital Board Meeting. An economy.SHF meeting. A Sheffield Hallam University Department of Computing Industrial Advisory Board meeting. Some context… We have four main objectives when we engage in these fora: Improve the opportunities for business and individuals in