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Sheffield’s 1st Annual Digital Conference – OUTPUTS

We're going to use this page to publish all the outputs from the conference as they become available - please check back over the next week or two to see the latest content!

We’re using this post to publish outputs from Sheffield First Annual Digital Conference, which took place on Wednesday 15 November, 2017.

Content made available so far (either embedded or linked to in this page):

  • Trello Boards 
  • Catherine Howe Keynote slide deck 
  • Lighting Talk slide decks 
  • Social media storify

Content yet to be added:

  • All speaker videos
  • Urban Flows Observatory slide deck and competition info
  • Superfast South Yorkshire slide deck
  • Workshop outputs
  • Photos and interviews from the event.

Storify of the event on Twitter

We’ve put together a pretty long Storify that gives you a good idea of what happened. It includes tweets and updates from our own Twitter feed, as well as contributions from attendees. There are some astute questions and observations in there.

Trello Boards

First up, here are the public Trello Boards for each of the seven domains. Please take a look and contribute! You will need to create a Trello Account if you haven’t already got one, and you can then view and comment, but to make any changes or add new cards you will need to be added to the board by an administrator. Comment in the “Can you please add me to the board?” card to request this! (You can also jump between the boards using the “What other boards are there?” card, also in the 1st column).

Keynotes Talks

Catherine Howe: Peak Digital and what to do about it

Olivia Blake

Lightning Talks

Helen Milner OBE on the “People” domain

Prof Steve Haake on the “Living” domain

Mel Kanarek & Chris Dymond on the “Economy” domain

Mark Gannon on the “Governance” domain

Prof Fabio Ciravegna on the “Mobility” domain

Dr Roy Woodhead & Matt Proctor on the “Infrastructure” domain

Dr Danielle Densley-Tingley’s on the “Resources” domain