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Company spotlight: Foster & Scott

A regional agency that goes the extra mile.

Founded by Carl Foster and Gareth Scott in 2011, this established full-service digital design and marketing agency understands exactly what makes their clients tick. Located at the Sheffield Business Park, close to the M1, and being entirely studio based, Foster & Scott offers a convenient and team-centric, collaborative service. The agency is now looking forward to growing its team and building its profile in Sheffield, getting to know more like-minded companies in the Sheffield Digital community. Let’s hear more from the company founders…

“We are a small regional agency and that can have its challenges. However, our larger clients then realise that they get a personal approach to our service,” explains Carl Foster, co-founder of Foster & Scott. He adds,

“They really get to know our team and they find that we always go that extra distance that some larger agencies just simply would not do with how they are structured.”

For more than a decade, Foster & Scott has been building a solid portfolio of clients across sectors ranging from manufacturing and leisure, to cyber-security. They have maintained a tight focus on delivering bespoke digital services including web development, creative design and digital marketing and going the ‘extra distance’ to earn their client’s loyalty.

As a core team of ten, they deliver a personal service and each team member is valued for their own unique contributions and interests. Creating a strong bond and happy workplace has been key to the company’s success to date. Carl goes on to say,

“We have a great team of individuals with various interests outside of the agency which helps give different viewpoints to the work we produce. The fact that we are studio-based allows for a family culture to develop within the team, and with our social activities too.”

Hard work and long hours

Starting from scratch was no mean feat for the founding duo, who brought agency experience, entrepreneurial appetite and tons of enthusiasm, but no clients. Gareth Scott, co-founder, explains,

“The early years were definitely interesting!  Quitting good jobs and starting a business is crazy, but we were full of youth, energy and hope. We had no clients and just a dream of having an agency.

“Those initial years are the hardest for any new business. Lots of hard work and long hours and nights until you begin to create lasting relationships with your clients.”

Foster & Scott moved to the Sheffield Business Park in 2012, drawn by the location, facilities and neighbouring global high-end brands such as McLaren, that are setting up HQs there. Gareth comments,

“The Business Park is a great location being just off the Sheffield Parkway and close to the M1, so it’s easy for clients to find us. There are some great facilities within the Business Centre and it has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

“The park is growing and has fantastic global brands such as Boeing, McLaren and Rolls Royce.”

Throughout their careers, Carl and Gareth have seen Sheffield develop as a creative and digital hub, and they are positive about the direction the city is moving in, remarking:

“Sheffield is a unique city with its own identity. It’s not trying to be a Leeds or a Manchester – we like to do things differently. Sheffield’s reputation as a creative and digital hub will grow and grow.”

And Foster & Scott intend to be a part of this growth. Through work placements and charity partnerships, the agency plans to support the digital ecosystem and give back to their local communities. Becoming a member of Sheffield Digital is also a part of the company’s evolution. Carl says,

“We are now at the next stage of developing our agency and starting to build our profile within the region. Sheffield Digital is a community of like-minded businesses so it’s great to be part of that and we are planning to get more involved. Before the pandemic, we used to run our own ‘Kelham Networking’ events, so who knows? We may bring that back!”

We’re delighted to have Foster & Scott join the community and are excited to see the agency expand and become more known in the city. Keep an eye on the website and in particular the Foster & Scott blog, for interesting marketing-related insights.