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Sheffield Digital Autumn Showcase

Our Digital Showcase returns on Thursday the 26th September to celebrate five more exceptional digital projects produced in and around Sheffield.

We are continually surprised and amazed by the range of things that are produced by the digital creative and technology industries here in our fair city – in the past we’ve showcased software that’s transforming railways and how cars are designed; virtual theatre performances; globally successful video games; spaces that introduce kids to coding and making; the design and technology behind Channel 4’s The Circle; and many more – and all built by folks right here, maybe working just next door to you!

The Digital Showcases are for industry pros and the general public alike – the format is similar to a talk show, with guests invited on stage to explain their projects by showing the work and process with images or short videos. The host is our own Chris Dymond, who will ask questions to delve into the details of how the project came about, how it was made and by whom, and what its impact has been, while also summarising and explaining in simple language to make the tech understandable to everyone attending.

We would especially like more young people and students to come and find out what gets made here, and we work hard to make sure that the projects are as interesting to industry veterans as they are to people with no knowledge of tech at all!

The Schedule

The event has three parts:

5:30-6pm – Arrival

An opportunity to unwind after work, meet other people and enjoy a drink – either soft or alcoholic.

6:00-7:00pm – Interviews

Each guest slot is limited to 10 minutes. They’ll demonstrate a digital product, experience or service that has been made here in the city, or nearby, within the last 6 months or so.

There will also be a short update of upcoming events and initiatives, as well as an opportunity for members of the audience to promote relevant things.

7:00-8:00pm – Food and Networking.

Food will be served at 7pm, and the event aims to finish around 8pm.


The lineup is still being finalised, with four sets of guests confirmed so far:

  • Joe Handsaker, the Founder and CEO of Elements Technology, introduces the Elements Platform which provides a simple plug-and-play system for automating manufacturing processes.
  • Paul Hilton, Technical Director at Can Studios, explains how an overhaul of their technology stack has made their e-learning platform accessible even to small companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups – in contrast to most learning management systems.
  • Laura Smith, CEO of Slanted Theory, demonstrates how their ALAIRA platform delivers engaging interactive experiences in virtual and augmented reality that enable non-specialists to explore their data like never before.
  • Dom Barter, founder of Hexos, introduces his new digital service which visualises public transport data across the whole of the UK to generate accurate travel time “heatmaps” for any location.

Please check the Eventbrite listing for up to date information as the programme shapes up!

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The event is free to attend, and is supported by Sheffield Digital and by The Platform, which is the creative industry networking series produced by Showroom/Workstation, Sheffield Technology Parks and Business Sheffield.

There are opportunities for additional sponsors to support the event, with co-branding of both the event itself and the media which will be produced and published subsequently (all talks will be filmed and published on Sheffield Digital’s YouTube channel).

Sponsorship costs are:

  • £150 for Sheffield Digital members.
  • £200 for non-members.

Please contact to request an example sponsorship agreement.