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SDP 12: Tom Wolfenden on the Cooper Project and regional support for startups

Episode 12 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. It features a conversation with Tom Wolfenden, Centre Manager of Sheffield Technology Parks, who talks about the new Cooper Project. It’s both a workspace and practical support for new startups and tech companies who want to get off on the right foot.

In part two, I’m joined by Mel and Chris to go through all the latest news and updates from Sheffield’s digital sector. This time round, that includes the new software developer apprenticeship at The Sheffield College, the Sheffield City Region mayoral election, Smart City hackathons and lots of stuff from the recent meeting of the economy branch of dot.shf – the digital coalition.

Then it’s on to the usual upcoming meetups and events, but not before a rather unexpected diversion into innovation theory. Go and grab your headphones. Enjoy your listening.

Notes and links

Every episode comes with a list of links to all of the various people, companies and topics that we reference. Here is that list for episode 12.

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