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Our Slack code of conduct

Read our Slack community's member guide and code of conduct.

This week, the Sheffield Digital Slack team hit a new milestone with our 700th member. Our community on Slack is for people who work or have an interest in the city’s tech and digital sector. It’s a place for communicating, organising and talking shop with like-minded folk.

We’ve always had a loose set of guidelines on how to use the Slack team. We’ve now formalised the process into a full member guide and code of conduct.

For the community

Our new Slack guide and code of conduct benefits the community. For new members, it provides information on what to do and where to find what interests them. We hope it will make the Slack team a more accessible place that is easier to join, navigate and enjoy.

The code of conduct is important for all members. We rarely have any issues to deal with, but we want everyone to understand what we and the community expect from all members. It covers behaviour, harassment and what can happen if a member breaches the code of conduct.

Please read it

All new members who sign up to our Slack team will be asked to agree with the code of conduct. If you are already part of the community, we ask you to take the time to read it. It won’t take long and you never know, the guide section might include information you aren’t currently aware of.

Share your feedback

We see this new guide and code of conduct as a living document. This is very much a version one and we are more than happy for you to share your feedback. You can do that by emailing or contacting one of the admins through Slack.