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Episode 13

Hear the latest on the digital coalition, including its DL100 nomination and how it's helping Sheffield's Urban 5G bid.

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We first spoke to Mark Gannon, Director of Business Change and Information Solutions at Sheffield City Council, back in September 2017 on episode 2 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast. Since then, dotSHF has been formed, work is being done and it seems a good time to have Mark back on the show for an update.

The conversation is just 20 minutes long, but we manage to cover a lot of ground. Mark starts by going over what dotSHF is and how it came to be. He then describes the various work currently taking place in the city and how the digital community can get involved to help shape its future.

dotSHF has been nominated for ‘best cross-sector collaboration’ in the Digital Leaders 100 List. It’s great news and will help raise awareness about dotSHF, not just in Sheffield, but across the country too. Mark talks briefly about the nomination and what it means for the initiative.

And finally, I ask Mark about Sheffield’s Urban 5G Test Bed. He explains what the project is and the benefits it can bring to the city and its citizens. Mark also shares the process he and the wider bid team are going through, including how dotSHF itself has made the collaboration easier.

And that’s it!

Enjoy this special episode and let us know what you think.

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