Episode 54: Making sense of the Government’s COVID-19 support measures

Expert information and advice from legal firm, Keebles and accountants, Shorts.

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    Episode 54 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast features two interviews that will hopefully help you understand the COVID-19 measures put in place to support businesses, employees and people who are self-employed.

    First, we spoke to Carys Thompson, Catherine Wilson and Matt Ainsworth from legal firm and Sheffield Digital associate sponsor, Keebles. They answered some of the common legal questions that came up in our recent survey to find out how the digital community is being affected.

    Our second interview was with Martin Dean, Dave Robinson and Tom Whitworth from another associate sponsor, Shorts, who approached the measures from a more financial point of view. Again, our questions were informed by the things we know the city’s digital community are looking for clarity on.

    You can find the latest help and support update from Shorts over on the company’s website.

    You can read a transcript of this podcast, with some additional useful notes, here.

    Note: the episode was recorded on Friday 27 March, so please do check to see if the information discussed is still up to date when you listen.

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