Episode 28: Tim Brazier on career paths, service design and Sheffield Design School

We speak to Head of Service Design at Good Things Foundation about his career so far and brand new venture.

Tim Brazier - Sheffield Design School on Sheffield Digital Podcast

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The podcast is back with a smashing episode that features our interview with Tim Brazier, who is Head of Service Design at Good Things Foundation and founder of Sheffield Design School.

We talk to Tim about his career so far and how where we end up might not always be where we thought we’d go. It’s great to hear to Tim share the journey from project management to service design and how he’s helped make design thinking a part of daily practice at Good Things Foundation.

We also ask Tim about his new venture – Sheffield Design School. The aim is to help people ‘think like designers’ and learn to apply the principles of design thinking to a wide range of problems. Tim has already run a number of workshops and events and it’s great to hear how he’s turned an idea into reality over the last six months.

Of course, in the second half the show, Mel and Chris report back with a whole load of ace updates from around the city’s digital sector. They include Mel’s tour of Castle house from Kollider, two new team members for Sheffield Digital, new companies arriving in the city and a chockablock jobs board.

Don’t forget, if your podcast app of choice supports chapters, you can skip merrily between sections with the tap of a finger or tip of your nose. Seriously, it works very well if you have your hands full. Enjoy the show!

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