Creative Sheffield Digital Space Survey

Creative Sheffield want to better understand issues around digital workspaces in Sheffield.

Another survey, but we think that this is really important. It’s from Creative Sheffield, who want to understand the demand and supply around suitable workspaces for digital businesses in Sheffield. It will take you 10–15 minutes to complete.

Addressing the feedback

We’ve been speaking to Creative Sheffield about this issue for a while. The feedback from the recent Digital Snapshot Report also indicated a need for action around digital workspaces. So it’s great to see this survey come out and we encourage you to have your say.

The survey will either provide fantastic evidence to developers that there is a clear market demand. Or we’ll find out that this isn’t a big issue after all and that everyone needs to better communicate what workspaces are out there and available.

Take the survey

You can find the survey via the link below and do feel free to spread the word and share widely on social media.

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