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talent 23, a year of talent and skills

a year of talent and skills

Bridging the gap between university students and the tech industry

TechVision Society is on a mission to help students from diverse fields find their way into the technology industry.

The TechVision Society at the University of Sheffield means business. Established in September 2023 to connect students with real-world experience and industry leaders, the society already has more than 100 members. We spoke to founder Vivek Choradia, a final-year Computer Science student, to find out what the society does and what it needs from Sheffield’s tech businesses to help them bridge the talent and skills gap facing our industry.

TechVision Society was set up to address the challenges students face in identifying specialisms and securing roles within the tech sector. With an impressive membership of 105 students, including those from diverse fields like law, medicine and engineering, the society has already built partnerships with global giant IBM and Sheffield-based The Curve

Vivek’s frustration with the lack of industry-based projects and exposure to workplace insight during his studies prompted him to start TechVision Society. He found himself unsure about the different roles in tech, what would be right for him, and what different roles may entail, saying, “I really wanted to meet people who were doing these roles themselves, and to find out what the jobs looked like, and the impact they make in a company.”

Vivek’s vision was to offer exposure and access to the professional world of tech, not just for computer science students but for anyone interested in the transformative power of tech. He explains, 

“This isn’t just for those studying in tech-related subjects; we have had law and medicine students joining because they understand the role that tech plays in their industries and how innovation will change healthcare and legal in the future.”

Vivek’s professional and focussed approach has helped the society secure funding from private sector sponsors such as The Curve and IBM, as well as various sources within the University. This financial support enables them to execute projects, market events and strengthen connections with businesses.

More exposure to tech in the ‘real world’

TechVision Society focuses on projects that encourage members to apply their technical skills to real-life scenarios, covering subjects like robotics, AI and UX. 

While project leads are highly skilled senior students, they lack exposure to industry practices. This is where businesses can play a crucial role, collaborating with project leaders to design relevant projects that provide valuable experience for students, not to mention allowing employers to shape the skills that graduates will bring when they enter the workforce.

Monthly lectures on specialist topics, such as User Research and User Experience, add to society members’ education. Guest lecturers from industry can significantly contribute to the professional development of students, with events drawing crowds of around 50 members each time. In addition, the active Q & A sessions provide a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase their expertise and interact with the next generation of tech employees.

Upcoming opportunities

In April, TechVision Society will host a Project Showcase, offering project teams a platform to showcase what they have been working on for the past year and providing businesses with an opportunity to connect with proactive and talented individuals who are soon to enter the jobs market.

The society is actively seeking more businesses to participate in their work, either by volunteering as a mentor on the current projects or by giving TechVision members an opportunity to conduct a new project within your business. The Project Showcase is a perfect opportunity to find out more about the society, and explore how you can support the students. Find out more and register your interest here.

TechVision Society is also keen to secure guest speakers for next academic year. Vivek emphasises the society’s commitment to showcasing the significant role of women in tech, stating, “We would particularly like to engage a female guest speaker, as our society is diverse and inclusive, so we want to represent this through our lineup.”

For those interested in collaborating with TechVision Society or participating in the Project Showcase, you can connect with them by email: Stay updated with the latest developments by following the TechVision LinkedIn page and Instagram page.