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a year of talent and skills

SDP 02: Mark Gannon on Sheffield City Council and building a Digital Coalition in Sheffield

The second episode of the Sheffield Digital Podcast is here and this time we’re joined by a very special guest in Mark Gannon, Sheffield City Council’s new CIO.

Having recently announced our partnership with the Council, this is a great opportunity for you to hear all about how it happened, what it means and what we hope it will bring. The episode also includes a brief update on the city’s various tech-hubs-in-progress and the release of our new Slack guide and code of conduct.

There’s also time to look ahead to a few events for your calendar. Make a brew, grab your headphones and settle in.

New intro music

A big thank you to Alex Mclean, aka Yaxu, for kindly letting us use part of one of his live algorave performances as the intro to the show, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Notes and links

With every episode, we provide a list of links to all of the various people, companies and topics that we reference. Here is the list of links for episode two.

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