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The Sheffield Digital podcast is the perfect way for you to find out what’s going on in the city’s tech and digital sector. We cover a range of topics, from the latest news, events and information to specific Sheffield success stories. Simply scroll down to see the latest episodes.

We publish new episodes as and when we produce them and you can head back into the archives to listen to all our previous shows. There are some great interviews with some of Sheffield’s leading tech and digital lights, as well as our “career insights” and “how did you get here?” series where people share their stories.

Your ideas and feedback are always welcome! Just send an email to if you have something to say about the show. If you’re part of the Sheffield Digital Slack community, you can also contact us there or leave a message in the #-podcast channel.

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This first episode of the Sheffield Digital podcast includes an intro to Sheffield Digital itself, Appt’s experience in China, our...