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a year of talent and skills

New resources to support teachers delivering the computing curriculum.

ARM has supported the Tech Partnership to develop key learning modules.

A series of online resources designed to help teachers build their knowledge of key computing concepts, and to convey them creatively in the classroom, has been designed by the Tech Partnership – with support from technology company ARM.

Three e-learning modules, suitable for teachers of all Key Stages, introduce Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Principles of Programming. In each module, teachers are introduced to the key concepts in these areas, with ideas for how to explain them to students. For example, deconstruction is presented as a series of smaller tasks, within the familiar context of a computer game, to illustrate how breaking a larger problem down into a series of smaller steps can lead to its solution.

By working through the modules, which are free to use for all teachers in the UK on the Tech Partnership’s Learning Hub, teachers can gain confidence in the important concepts that underpin the Programmes of Study in Computing.

Sue Nieland, Director of Learning on behalf of the Tech Partnership, worked with e-learning specialists Sponge UK to create the resources, and says, “These modules are custom-designed to bring teachers up to speed with a challenging new curriculum and support them to teach these vital topics with confidence. The ARM sponsorship has made it possible to create engaging, creatively produced courses, and offer them to teachers nationwide without charge.”

Dominic Vergine, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at ARM, says, “It is critical for young people to enjoy the opportunities offered by the new computing curriculum – but for this to happen, teachers need to be confident and up-to-date in their own skills. ARM is committed to supporting teachers and young people in their digital education and we look forward to seeing teachers demonstrate their new-found knowledge in the classroom.”

More information can be found on the Tech Partnership Learning Hub.