Individual membership

Anyone who’s interested in digital can become a member of Sheffield Digital. You don’t have to be working or studying in the industry – you don’t even need to know how to code.

If you agree that what we are doing is important, becoming a member is a way to make sure we can keep doing it. We don’t receive any public sector funding, so support from our members is vital.

It’s also a way for you to add your voice to the large and growing community of people in and around Sheffield who believe that the digital industries have a vital role to play in all of our futures.

Annual membership is £60 a year (including VAT). We’ve now added the option for you to pay by monthly instalments – that’s just £5 a month. You can cancel a monthly subscription at any time by logging in to your account.

Payment is by debit or credit card and you’ll be able to download a receipt once your payment is processed.

Thank you for your support!


Choose your membership level:

Level Price  
Individual Monthly Subscription £5.00 per Month. Select
Individual Annual Subscription £60.00 per Year. Select


Our Individual members:

Stuart Grimshaw
joined on 24 May 16
Chris Dymond
joined on 30 Apr 15
Brent Woods
joined on 02 Jun 16
Gav Richards
joined on 20 Jan 16
Paul Coupe
joined on 18 Jul 16
Ben Giles
joined on 18 Jul 16
Tamar Millen
joined on 19 Jul 16
Joachim Dreimann
joined on 19 Jul 16
Matthew Deloughry
joined on 27 Jul 16
Paul Brabban
joined on 10 Oct 16
Rachel Ferla
joined on 07 Nov 16
Alex McLean
joined on 23 Nov 16
Kane Fulton
joined on 22 Mar 17
Tejay White
joined on 27 Mar 17
Lindsey Green
joined on 31 Mar 17
Dan Sumption
joined on 24 May 16
for 2 years
Dave Chaston
joined on 25 May 16
for 2 years
Rob Amour
joined on 18 Oct 16
for 2 years
Mel Kanarek
joined on 08 Jan 15
Saul Cozens
joined on 06 Nov 15