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‘Four Big Ideas’ to transform UK’s economy through tech

A new report from the UK Tech Cluster Group sets out what is needed to unlock the potential of tech for all businesses, people and places.

The UK Tech Cluster Group (UKTCG) is the national organisation focused on growing strong, resilient regional technology ecosystems. In its new report ‘Ecosystems of Innovation’, launched on 9 January 2024 in Parliament, the UKTCG calls upon the next Government to deliver digital innovation policies that benefit all UK regions.

The report emphasises the need to mobilise partnerships at grassroots level in order to unlock the true potential of digital innovation, making it a reality for all. It identifies the ‘centralised, top-down initiatives’ that have dominated digital policy for the past decade, with little regard to how place-based innovation is working.

Ecosystems of Innovation sets out how the UKTCG can work with the future Government to design and deliver the right interventions for success, built around ‘four big ideas’: 

  1. A globally competitive tech talent pipeline in every region
  2. Driving digital innovation at the foundations
  3. A UK innovation policy which gives every place a chance
  4. Mobilising ecosystems to help businesses to start and grow.

Sheffield Digital Director, Mel Kanarek, who regularly contributes to the work of the UKTCG, says,

“The UK Tech Cluster Group is important because it acts as a voice for the tech communities outside of London. This report has really caught the attention of London-based policy makers and, I think, does an excellent job of laying out what regional tech clusters need from central government. There’s a lot in here that our local and regional policymakers should find useful too.”

You can download a free copy of the report here and find out more about the work of the UKTCG on the website: