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Episode 41

Why we're acquiring the Open Tech Calendar and other updates from the city's digital community.

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Episode 41 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast is out in the wild and contains an announcement – that we’re taking on ownership of the Open Tech Calendar. This is a chance for you to hear Chris explain how this all came about and why we think Sheffield Digital can take the project forward.

Since Sheffield Digital started, the Open Tech Calendar, which was created by James Baster of JMB Technologies, has been the glue that’s held our own events calendar together. It’s open source, open data and shall remain so as we look to build on the platform and encourage more and more people to use it.

As I say, best thing to do is listen to the episode and hear the hows, whys and wherefores directly from Chris. After that, we discuss other exciting topics, including:

  • the Sheffield Digital Quarterly Briefing publication
  • Mel’s experience judging the Top Tech: Yorkshire competition
  • the careers fair at University of Sheffield
  • Mel meeting the new Head of Digital at Barnsley College.

Feel free to send feedback to if you have any thoughts or suggestions. We’re all ears!

Thanks to Rebel Base Media

This episode was recorded at Rebel Base Media in their new podcasting studio based at Sheffield Technology Parks . The studio is fantastic and has all the gear you need to produce a properly professional podcast. They also offer podcasting advice and you can even rent a mobile studio for recording in the field.

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