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Company Spotlight: Nimbitech

Helping more businesses benefit from affordable apps.

Nimbitech was founded in 2019 to help more businesses benefit from apps that improve their processes, productivity and growth. Their purpose is to develop amazing people and technology to create a more simple, sustainable and inclusive world.

We spoke to co-founder and CEO Nick Stewart about growing a business in lockdown, what makes their business unique, and their work as a Gold Microsoft Partner.

What inspired you to start Nimbitech?

I spent a number of years working at different software development companies and saw an opportunity to do things differently. I wanted to create a business founded on ethics, that put its employees first and inspired them to give the best experience to clients. When we started the business in 2019, a new piece of technology was coming out, Microsoft Power Platform, and I saw that as a great opportunity to help more businesses benefit from apps.

What benefit does Microsoft Power Platform give to businesses?

Microsoft Power Platform does for apps, what WordPress did for websites. This technology has revolutionised the way that apps can be built; now you can build apps quickly and easily, for much smaller budgets. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we help businesses automate their processes to make them more efficient. We offer Power Platform development, consulting and training.

How did the lockdown affect your business?

We started the business three months before the lockdown. I recognised during that period that there would be a huge number of people working from home, so I rang a few people to discuss how we could help. Initially, people were hesitant so we did the work at our own cost, on the basis that if it was valuable, businesses would pay for our services. The revenue we generated in that period carried us through what could have been a difficult time. In the end, we did well that year, despite the challenges we faced.

What are the values of your business?

Our values are:

  • We are explorers
  • We seek simplicity
  • We are guardians of good
  • We strive to evolve
  • We are musketeers

They inform our company culture which is really important to us. How people feel at work affects how they work and, in all of my roles, I have always wanted to be treated fairly. I still remember the first person who said to me ‘you have a lot of potential and you could really do something if you applied yourself.’ I am forever grateful to that person. We always balance the work we do, with staying true to our values and ethical stance.

How does this impact how you work with customers?

We work in partnership with our clients and are open and transparent. Things can go wrong and if they do, we let the client know and fix it. We don’t try and correct things in the background; we want our clients to know they can trust us. Our business and services are all about making things simpler and easier and we want to reflect that in how clients work with us, as well as the products they use. We don’t want short-term gains, we are looking for long-term partnerships. Our approach means we have never lost a customer.

What sectors do you work in?

We work across sectors and with a range of clients. We recently completed a piece of work with the NHS, but also work with smaller companies, who previously believed apps would be out of their reach because of the cost. We have worked with a client for the last year helping coach and educate them about apps and what is achievable for their budget. We did that at no cost because we are on a mission to show people how accessible apps can be for business. They recently were awarded a grant and now we are progressing with their app project, with a deep knowledge of what they need, how we can help, and how to make sure it is within their budget.

Where can people find out more?

We are on a mission to spread the word about Microsoft Power Apps and how they can transform business at an affordable cost. People can find out more about our business and get in touch through our website here.