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Bunnyfoot opens state-of-the-art usability labs in Sheffield

And you can visit them for a look round on their open day on 26th January.

User experience research company Bunnyfoot has converted the Old Chapel on Mortimer Street into high-tech labs to allow companies to “climb inside your customers’ heads and find out what they really think about your website or app”.

Companies like Waitrose, Sky and Sheffield City Council are already using the labs to watch their customers do an online shop, try out a new remote control or pay their council tax.

Watching user testing can be a revelation for developers, product owners and senior managers. “It’s good to get out of your office and come into a neutral environment to watch real customers navigating their way around your app. It shows you whether your designs actually work in the real world,” said Ali Rawlings, director, Bunnyfoot.

“By observing as few as 5 people performing tasks on your site, you can uncover most big issues they’re having. You then have enough evidence to make changes that will make real improvements to the experience users have with your service.”

Bunnyfoot Studios’ new facility in Sheffield has 3 usability labs with the latest eyetracking technology and viewing rooms which are also ideal spaces for any kind of market research including focus groups.

Interested in finding out more about user testing or having a look round the new labs? Bunnyfoot Studios are having an open day on Thursday 26th January.