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Appt helps local business recovery with app-building platform

The digital agency hopes its new platform will help local businesses pivot to digital in light of COVID-19.

Flytt is the first product to be released by Sheffield-based agency and Sheffield Digital member, Appt. Described as ‘low-cost and low-code’, Flytt is designed to make app development more affordable and accessible to companies, communities and creatives. Appt hopes that in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the platform will help local Sheffield businesses to recover and grow by adopting digital. Here’s some more details from the Appt team about this exciting new product.

Making apps more accessible

Flytt is a modular and customisable iOS and Android app with an easy to use online content management system. It has been created to make app development more accessible to one-man bands, SMEs and large corporations.

Anna Bollinger, founder and managing director of Appt, says:

“We have helped hundreds of clients create their own bespoke apps over the years, but for every client we helped there were ten companies or individuals for whom designing and developing their own app simply wasn’t viable. Flytt is our solution.”

At its core, the app enables businesses, communities and creatives to share and monetise their visual, written and audio content. Flytt is fully customisable and can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

Early local adopters

Sheffield sign language centre Famlingo is one of the early users of Flytt. They use the app to enable their students to practice sign language at home between classes.

“I’m thrilled with how the Famlingo app has come together,” says Jules Varga, founder of the Signature approved centre. “Appt have made the process really smooth and I’ve had some lovely feedback from my users!”

Flytt enables businesses, communities and creatives to share and monetise their visual, written and audio content.

Going digital

In light of the changes that COVID-19 has brought to our lives, Appt hopes that Flytt will be of help to local Sheffield businesses increasingly in need of digital solutions. Whether it’s a personal trainer looking for an easy way to share training plans and videos with clients; a community group who wants to keep members connected; or a large company with a dispersed workforce who needs a central place to share policies and procedures, Appt believes Flytt can help.

See Flytt for yourself

You can find out more about Flytt on the website or take a look at the dedicated Flytt Instagram profile and see the app in action in this promotional video.