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Sheffield Hallam University becomes Regional Partner of Sheffield Digital

Sheffield Hallam University has formalised its longstanding support of our organisation.

Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) has supported Sheffield Digital since our foundation in 2015, and was in fact a Founder member of the organisation. Throughout this time, we have worked together on a huge range of initiatives, from promoting degree apprenticeships to local tech businesses, to supporting the establishment of the new Institute of Technology, and most recently, the inaugural Digital Skills Audit. As well as all of this, Hallam has been instrumental in helping to shape our work and direction through its seat on our Board. So, both organisations agree that now is the time to make things ‘official’!

Sheffield Hallam is becoming a Regional Partner of Sheffield Digital, in addition to its permanent status as Founder Member. Through this partnership, we will work together on a defined set of agendas all year round, which we’ve agreed will focus on these areas:

  • Outward Communications & Messaging

Improving communication about the university’s teaching, research and business support offers to the local digital technology community.

  • Inward Communications & Messaging

Helping students and faculty members to understand what Sheffield Digital offers, what the local tech ecosystem looks like and highlighting opportunities to get involved in local tech industry activities.

  • Networking & Engagement

Identifying and engaging relevant people within the University to participate in industry and policy networking opportunities.

  • Policy & Strategy

Collaborating on strategic policy efforts around local and regional digital socio-economic development.

  • Careers

Supporting careers efforts and engagement across the University.

  • Entrepreneurship

Supporting new entrepreneurs in engaging with the local tech ecosystem.

Reflecting on the move to become a Regional Partner, Dr Alexandra Anderson, Associate Professor in Enterprise at SHU, said:

“Having worked with Sheffield Digital for almost a decade, we have first-hand experience of their impact on driving the region’s digital ecosystem. Their work aligns completely with our commitment to place as a Civic University, supporting those entrepreneurs seeking to grow and scale their digital business and be a key part of organisations’ supply chains in the region and beyond. We’re delighted to now formalise our partnership with Sheffield Digital.”

Sheffield Digital Director, Chris Dymond, added:

“It’s great to have Sheffield Hallam Uni on board as a regional partner, as well as a founder member. Not only does it provide a platform for us to initiate more collaborations, it is also part of a wider, incremental but significant, transformation of Sheffield Digital as an ecosystem organisation, almost exactly nine years since our incorporation.”

With many successful collaborations behind us already, we’re thrilled to have Sheffield Hallam join us as a Regional Partner. We look forward to bringing you future updates as our work together develops.