Episode 20: Jonny Briggs on the Field Design story and a digital design festival for Sheffield

Listen to Jonny Briggs talk building an agency, working on AR projects and planning a new festival.

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    In episode 20 of the Sheffield Digital podcast, we interview the ace Jonny Briggs from Sheffield design agency, Field Design. We cover all sorts of topics, including how Field Design got started and has grown, as well as the company’s recent work on augmented reality projects. Jonny also shares his plans for a digital design festival in Sheffield, which is something we would wholeheartedly get behind!

    In the second half of the show, and sadly without Mel this time around, me and Chris go through a long list of exciting things that are happening in Sheffield at the moment. From the Tech Parks new co-working offer to the upcoming Meta Meetup 3, there is lots going on that we think you should know about. Oh, and there are loads of events to tell you about too!

    So, what in the name of all things blimey are you waiting for? Go and get your headphones and get stuck in. And if you’re not subscribed already, make sure you do that too so all future episodes land right in your podcast app of choice. What a world we live in.

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    Every episode comes with a list of links to all of the various people, companies and topics that we reference. Here is that list for episode 20.

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