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SDP 74: Turning a lifestyle business into an award-winning scale-up

Mel follows-up with Dan and Andrew from Airship, delves into some Sheffield history and finds out the highs and lows of reinventing a tech business.

If you listened to Episode 72 of this podcast, you will have heard us chat with two very successful start-ups: Mina and Airship. You will also have discovered that Airship isn’t really a start-up; the company was originally set up in 2003. Since then, it’s grown, shrunk, pivoted and changed from being an agency that “sells hours” to a SaaS technology business.

Mel wanted to find out more – what’s that journey like and what does it take to make the change from being a lifestyle business to a high-growth business with a clear exit strategy? So this is a special follow-up episode, hearing from two of the senior people in the business about their journey.

The guests for this episode are Dan Brookman, CEO, and Andrew Whiteley, Director, from Airship.

As this is a “special” episode, there’s no news or updates, just an in-depth interview. We hope you enjoy it and, if there are other stories you’d like us to explore, please let us know.

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