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a year of talent and skills

SDP 73: Creating a Gigabit city and getting to grips with the eSports scene in Sheffield

In episode 73 of the Sheffield Digital podcast we talk to Natalie Ward, City Manager for CityFibre. We’re also joined by Giorgio Cassella, Head of Marketing at Evoluted and founder of, and Adam Jessop, founder and CEO of Endpoint Gaming.

First up, we ask Natalie about how she got into working in broadband connectivity, what changes she has seen over time, and getting more young people into tech careers.

Then we speak to Giorgio and Adam about the eSports scene in Sheffield, how people from the community can get involved, which types of people they need in the industry, and what trends they envisage in the near future.

Finally, Mel and Chris share some of their usual updates from the city’s digital sector, including:

  • Economy.dotSHF meeting
  • Sheffield City Council’s Business Response Group
  • Second Digital Inclusion Taskforce meeting 
  • Chris’ involvement with the Digital Meet Manufacturing Commission
  • Chris is about to join the Skills Accelerator Board
  • Tutorful raises a further £3m from Northern Venture Capital Trust and NPIF
  • Lots of local companies winning awards 
  • Razor, Tribepad, Tutorful, Mina and Nimble shortlisted for Prolific North Tech Awards
  • Tickets for Good launched the ticket fund to fundraise for event tickets to be donated to NHS teams.
  • Meetups starting to happen in person again
  • Hybrid GeekBrekky at Tamper Sellers Wheel and on zoom
  • Mark Pearce’s National Parks app crowdfunder

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