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a year of talent and skills

SDP 45: Sheffield Digital Autumn Showcase 2019

This is a very special episode of the Sheffield Digital Podcast, as it includes all of the interviews from the autumn Sheffield Digital Showcase. Chris Dymond spoke to a collection of Sheffield’s excellent tech folk to present and celebrate some of the  digital work produced in the city.

Don’t forget, you can also watch the talks as well as listen to them.

  • Joe Handsaker, the Founder and CEO of Elements Technology, introduces the Elements Platform which provides a simple plug-and-play system for automating manufacturing processes.
  • Paul Hilton, Technical Director at Can Studios, explains how an overhaul of their technology stack has made their e-learning platform accessible even to small companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups – in contrast to most learning management systems.
  • Laura Smith, CEO of Slanted Theory, demonstrates how their ALAIRA platform delivers engaging interactive experiences in virtual and augmented reality that enable non-specialists to explore their data like never before.
  • Dom Barter, founder of Hexos, introduces his new digital service which visualises public transport data across the whole of the UK to generate accurate travel time “heatmaps” for any location.
  • John and Ib from Qubic Aerial explain how technologies like volumetric scanning, LIDAR, drones and high performance computing are transforming the surveying industry.

A big thank you to all our speakers and do bag a ticket for the upcoming winter/Christmas showcase, which takes place on 12th December.

Thanks to our partners

This Showcase event was once again in collaboration with The Platform and held at The Workstation, so huge thanks to them for the continued support.

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