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a year of talent and skills

SDP 25: Sheffield Digital Showcase Spring 2019

We have a podcast special for you with episode 25 – it’s all the talks from the first Sheffield Digital Showcase event. If you couldn’t make it on the night or you just want to relive it all again, this one’s for you.

What is the Sheffield Digital Showcase?

We’ve long wanted to create a space for Sheffield’s companies and freelancers to present a significant piece of work they’ve recently produced. On 22 November, we did just that by taking over The Platform and handing over the stage to five fantastic speakers from across Sheffield.

First up, we had Nick Crossland from Joi Polloi, who shared the story behind the company’s fantastic work on Channel 4’s The Circle this summer. Then we had the Boneloaf team who talked through their hugely popular game, Gangbeasts, followed by Ben Carlin from Megaverse, creators of stunning Extended Reality experiences.

Joe Dreimann of WANdisco went on to tell us about what the company does, including a brand new product called Multicloud, which launches soon. And finally, we had Red McKay, managing director of Bossa Nova, who covered the company’s recent move to Sheffield and exciting plans for the future.

Red also very kindly donated £500 to the Sheffield to Shangai kids cause, which we know they hugely appreciated. The kids came along to the showcase too, so hopefully picked up some tips from the professionals!

Note on the audio

As I say at the beginning of the show, the talks were recorded using a simple recording device placed on the podium in front of the speakers. It did a pretty good job, but the quality dips when a speaker moves elsewhere on the stage. It doesn’t happen often. Mostly it’s as clear as can be.

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Thank you for the music

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