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How did you get here: Interview with Founder & CEO of AI machine learning startup TUBR – Dash Tabor

How did you get here?

Dash Tabor shares her journey to becoming the founder of an AI machine learning startup.

Dash Tabor didn’t expect to work in tech, never mind to start her own deep-tech company specialising in the application of AI for small and incomplete datasets.

Growing up, she felt that tech wasn’t her, that it was too complicated and too ‘mathy’. However, after completing a Masters in City Planning and Sustainable Development, Dash needed a job and landed an admin role in a tech company. 

From this point, she started to develop an interest and passion for data, and so her journey to tech founder began.

She gathered different skills, learning how to spot opportunities both in tech and in the market, and she watched different people doing things in different ways.

Living and working in London it was the busy and over-crowded tube journeys she had to take every morning that gave Dash the impetus to found her own company, developing technology that could predict the peaks at London tube stations on just small amounts of data.

Since this point in 2020, she has moved to Sheffield setting up her business, Tubr, at Sheffield Technology Parks. She has hired, secured customers,  gained funding from Angels and Venture Capitalists, and Tubr has patent pending technology.

Dash says that the point she stopped being scared of failure was the point at which the business started doing well.

Hear about all of this and much more in the 20 minute interview between Dash and Sarah Lister.

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Notes and links

Dash was interviewed online by Sarah Lister, Membership Coordinator at Sheffield Digital, on 9th May 2023.

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