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Announcing changes to our membership

Sheffield Digital is improving and expanding our services, benefits and reach.

Sheffield Digital is changing. Thanks to the support of our members, we have been able to create a stable, credible organisation which has helped to bring together South Yorkshire’s tech cluster and raise its profile across the country. Now we want to do more for our members by improving and expanding our services, benefits and reach.

Since we launched in 2015, the digital ecosystem in Sheffield has made huge strides forward. Whilst there’s always work to do to make things even better, the city is now home to a vibrant and exciting tapestry of digital businesses and supporting services with real passion and expertise in the tech sector.

As the association for businesses and individuals involved in the region’s digital industries, Sheffield Digital’s remit has grown alongside our industry. Whilst our mission remains the same – to help develop the best possible environment for setting up, working in and growing digital businesses – the ways that we will do this are evolving.

Aligned with this is an increase in membership fees, to help us deliver better support and services to the digital community.

We have written to all of our members to tell them about these changes and explain what this means for them. This has also given members the opportunity to ask questions and to give feedback on the changes.

We’ve been really pleased with the response from our membership, who have been largely supportive and enthusiastic about our plans.

Changes to our membership offering

We are making changes to every level of membership and this includes introducing new categories. Traditionally, we have offered Company Membership ranging from ‘micro’ to ‘enterprise’ level, and Individual Membership. We have now expanded our membership categories to include ‘Freelancers’, ‘Start-ups’, and ‘Tech-departments’ of non-digital companies. This is so that we can provide better, more tailored and relevant support to businesses and individuals at different stages of their journey.

We have always offered a unique set of benefits to members at every level and now these benefits are increasing. We have introduced an online searchable Company Directory, in which company members can be listed. Job listings will now be an exclusive benefit for members only, with vacancies being shared in our fortnightly newsletter and on LinkedIn.

Company members at all levels will have the opportunity to join a new Members Board that we are setting up to allow members more input into Sheffield Digital’s direction and activities, and we are introducing opportunities to have direct input into regional policy development.

Individual Members will continue to receive exclusive benefits including free access to our Mentoring Scheme, an invitation to our AGM, and the opportunity to attend dedicated meetups for Individual Members.

The new membership categories for ‘Freelancers’ and ‘Startups’ offer Individuals the chance to switch to categories that offer more benefits including a new Freelancer Directory coming to our website, and exclusive access to Associate Sponsors’ services.

All membership levels and benefits can be found on our Membership Page.

Changes to membership fees

As you probably know, Sheffield Digital does not receive any funding – we rely on our members, partners and sponsors to cover our operating costs. So, to support this additional activity, the cost of annual membership is increasing. This is the first time we have increased our membership prices since we launched nine years ago. We are determined that Sheffield Digital remains accessible and provides excellent value to our members. The new prices fairly reflect the increased cost of operating in the current economic climate, as well as the enhanced support and services we are delivering.

You can see prices over on our Membership Page.

Want to know more about Sheffield Digital membership?

If you are already a member, we hope you’ll have seen our emails sent to you throughout March and April, detailing these changes and what they mean for you. If you have concerns about the price increase, or you would like to know more about the new membership categories, please contact our Company Membership Manager, Emma Marshall. If you aren’t yet a member but would like to know more, please take a look at our Membership Page where you’ll find details on categories, benefits and prices.