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Meet the Meetup: Sheffield Women in Tech

Find out why this successful meetup started, how it has developed and what’s in store for Sheffield’s Women in Tech.

The Sheffield Women in Tech (ShfWiT) Meetup is an open and inclusive community, designed to recognise and celebrate the thriving tech scene in the city, and the women working in it. The monthly events have continued to happen throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, attracting regular attendees as well as new faces. We caught up with the

It’s not all cupcakes and fizz. It’s tea and buddha bowls too.

Katie Attwood writes about plans to tackle issues and take practical steps for Sheffield’s women in tech.

This is a guest post written by Katie Attwood. The image above is by Tejay White.  The lunch was sponsored by Creative Sheffield (thanks Sarah Lowi Jones) and attended by Katie Attwood, Rachel Ferla, Annie Moss-Quate, Louisa Harrison-Walker, Emma Marshall, Emma Cooper, Sarah Lowi Jones, Anna Bollinger, Tejay White, Bella Abrams and Mel Kanarek. What we