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New fast track developer training to fill region’s skills gap

Junior developers can now fast track their progression to mid-level in one year with The Developer Academy.

The Developer Academy has designed a new 12 month training course to fast track junior developers to becoming confident mid-level developers. The new course has been created in response to the need for mid and senior level tech skills in Sheffield City Region, identified at a roundtable event co-hosted by Sheffield Digital and The Developer

Guest blog: Getting the right people in the right roles

Benchmark Recruit tells us about a recent collaboration with the Developer Academy.

At Benchmark we are proud to champion individual and business needs by getting the right people in the right place for the long-term. We are committed to developing skills and giving people the opportunity to do this in a nurturing environment. With the rise of people signing up for coding camps – with successful results

Meet talented people from the Tech Set Go! developer course

A new training programme is connecting employers to a diverse pool of future developers.

Tech Set Go! is a programme focused on finding and training individuals who are typically underrepresented in the tech sector – women for example, and individuals who are neurodiverse but have an aptitude for tech. We also wanted to focus on areas of deprivation where links with tech sector employers are often weaker. The core

Episode 31: Ben Atha on The Developer Academy and teaching Sheffield to code

We talk to the founder of The Developer Academy about its blended approach to learning how to code.

Download the mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to the RSS feed From pricing to the importance of face-to-face learning, Ben shares his approach to testing up The Developer Academy so far. He also covers the organisations aims and how the first crop of learners have taken to this new programme in Sheffield. In part