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Tech Nation growth programme for early-stage fintech startups

Tech Nation are now actively looking for Sheffield startups to join the programme – applications open until 17th July.

Tech Nation has launched a new growth programme aimed squarely at early-stage fintech startups. The programme begins in September and they are looking for young firms to join the cohort until 17th July. Growing fintech scene in Sheffield This new initiative from Tech Nation recognises that there is plenty of good work happening outside of

Tech Nation 2017

Deadline is 5th Dec to make sure we are properly represented.

The survey for the Tech Nation 2017 report is now live and we need as many people as possible to complete it before Monday 5th December. The report aims to provide detailed analysis of how the digital sector is driving economic growth, showcasing the innovation and energy of tech hubs across the UK. The 2016 report

Tech Nation 2016 – Part 2

Part 2 of this series takes a look at the underlying data and methods used in the report.

In this post I’m going to look at how the 2016 Tech Nation Report has been compiled and how it’s tried to address some of the shortcomings in other reports that try to analyse the digital industry. This is the second of several posts I’m writing about the report, please see the first post in the