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New IR35 rules: time to act

Important information about the new tax rules for people operating through a Personal Service Company, and businesses that use them.

In April 2021 new tax rules are being introduced which will affect individuals who operate under their own limited company, as well as medium-sized and large private sector businesses that engage their services. These businesses will face greater responsibility in determining the individual’s employment status under IR35 rules. Stephen Allender, Senior Tax Manager from Shorts

Sheffield’s digital economy – some thoughts from an expert

Scott Burkinshaw from Shorts give us his perspective.

We’ve been talking a lot recently about how Sheffield’s digital industries are “on the cusp” of a growth explosion. But how does our industry look to someone who works with our businesses, rather than in them? We talked to Scott Burkinshaw, Tax Partner and Head of Innovation Taxes Group at Shorts accountants, to get his

R&D Tax Relief and Patent Boxing

A quick primer on some ways tech firms can save on their tax.

Research and Development Tax Credits and Patent Boxing are UK Government schemes, intended to encourage and reward firms that create new technological advances and value for the British economy. While a large proportion of more established companies avail themselves of one or both of these schemes, I suspect that many newer and smaller firms don’t