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Is your e-waste causing a global health crisis?

Unwanted electrical goods including computers, tablets and smartphones are putting the health of millions of children at risk.

This summer the World Health Organisation (WHO) published a report named ‘Children and Digital Dumpsites’ which explains how the millions of tonnes of toxic electronic waste dumped every year is putting children’s health at risk. In mid to low-income countries, where over 80% of e-waste is illegally dumped, children often work in informal e-waste recycling

Hackathon announced to find & fund software ideas

Urban Flows Observatory is looking for software solutions to help tackle local energy and health challenges.

The hackathon Taking place on 22 and 23 November (venue TBC) the hackathon is free to join and gives you the chance to work with real data relating to the city’s energy and resource usage. This work is part of a three-year, multi-million Euro international academic collaboration being carried out the Urban Flows Observatory at