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Sheffield tech company tackles social exclusion with free event tickets

Tickets For Good is helping thousands of people enjoy gigs, performances and events via its online ticket donation platform, The Ticket Bank.

The Ticket Bank is an online ticket donation platform from Sheffield Digital member, Tickets for Good. Event organisers can pledge spare tickets to the website to be distributed for free in partnership with charities and local community groups. For many people, live music gigs, theatre performances and other events are not accessible due to financial

Episode 22: Richard Motley on place-making, economic policy and the role of digital

We interview the former head of CIQ Agency and now director of Integreat Plus.

Download the mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to the RSS feed In episode 22 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast, Mel and Chris interview Richard Motley, former head of the Cultural Industries Quarter Agency and now director of Integreat Plus, a not-for-profit social enterprise consultancy. Richard has been involved in place-making for the creative and