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Customise your Sheffield Digital Slack with our brand colours

Exciting news – now you can make your Sheffield Digital Slack team look a whole more Sheffield Digitally.

Did you know that you can change the look of your various Slack teams? Well you can, and by following the simple instructions below, you can apply our brand colours to your Sheffield Digital Slack. Why change your Slack colours? Well for us it’s all about the warm fuzzy feeling we get at the thought

Our Slack code of conduct

Read our Slack community's member guide and code of conduct.

This week, the Sheffield Digital Slack team hit a new milestone with our 700th member. Our community on Slack is for people who work or have an interest in the city’s tech and digital sector. It’s a place for communicating, organising and talking shop with like-minded folk. We’ve always had a loose set of guidelines

Announcing: The SheffieldDigital Slack Team!

You can now connect with others in the local digital community at sheffielddigital.slack.com

Dear everyone, We’re setting up a Slack team for the Sheffield digital community, in order to provide a place where the whole community can share info and organise ourselves. (If you’re not aware of Slack, it’s a team messaging and communications service that is designed for development teams, but works really well as community resource as