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The Founder’s Journey

Sarah Lister gives a run down of the recent event from Sheffield Women In Tech

Sarah Lister joined the Sheffield Women in Tech (ShfWIT) ops team this year to help amplify their purpose and to support their community through the Sheffield Digital communication channels. She recently attended her first in-person ShfWIT event, The Founder’s Journey, which shone a spotlight on female founders in the city. In this post, Sarah gives

Introducing the Sheffield Digital Mentoring Scheme

Our new scheme will help Individual Members to develop and achieve their career goals.

Why mentoring? After consulting with our Individual Members about what they wanted from their membership, we could see there was demand to create a scheme where people could develop themselves and work towards a career goal. And what better way to do that than tapping into the wealth of knowledge and experience that exists among

Meet the Meetup: Sheffield Women in Tech

Find out why this successful meetup started, how it has developed and what’s in store for Sheffield’s Women in Tech.

Why did you start the ShfWiT meetup? Emma: Mel and I attended an “overly pink” women’s meetup that we felt didn’t empower or represent the women we saw in tech every day. We wanted something that spotlighted the positivity we could see, so Mel gathered an initial group of amazing Sheff women and we started