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Introducing our new Community Manager

Sophie Wendell is here to support and strengthen our community of individual members and meetup organisers.

Sophie Wendell, a software engineer at Zoo Digital, has just joined our freelance team at Sheffield Digital to help us do more for the individuals in our community. As Community Manager, she’ll be engaging with members and meetup organisers; connecting and supporting the community of individuals that are so important to Sheffield’s vibrant and talented

Sheffield Digital Quarterly Briefings

We’re extremely happy to announce the publication of the first Sheffield Digital Quarterly Briefing, providing a snapshot of our digital tech sector!

We wanted something that we could send out physically every three months so that there is a continual drum-beat saying hey, pay attention to us, there’s amazing things going on here, and Sheffield might be different than you think it is! It’s really amazing to be able to hold the first edition in our hands.

Quarterly Briefing Q2 2019: Creating a Narrative

Mel Kanarek introduces Sheffield Digital’s first Quarterly Briefing.

It gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction to write this introduction to the first Quarterly Briefing on Sheffield’s digital economy. For those of us who spend our working days immersed in the sector, it is easy to assume that everyone knows about the wealth of local talent that is driving innovation, job creation

Quarterly Briefing Q2 2019 Headline Info

Each edition of the briefing we compile some facts and figures that look at a different aspect of Sheffield’s tech sector, along with a set of current priorities.

Economic Figures Some of the statistic we use are from public sources, but others are original pieces of analysis compiled for us by Dr Andrew Johnston at Sheffield Business School. The 2018 Tech Nation Report estimated the total number of people engaged in digital technology roles in the Sheffield and Rotherham tech cluster at 22,034.