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The latest from our mentoring scheme

Feedback, changes and what we need from you

Since launching our Mentoring Scheme back in March 2021, we’ve matched 24 participants and now have 16 mentors available to work with new applicants. As we reach the end of the year, it’s a good time to consider how things are going and what we can improve on next year. Sarah Lister, who manages the

The Sheffield Digital Mentoring Scheme: looking ahead to 2022

Our new mentorship lead, Sarah Lister, has some important advice and information for mentors and mentees.

Can you provide a brief overview of how the first cohort of the mentoring scheme went, throughout 2021? There has been a really positive response from the community in terms of people signing up to the scheme, and setting up the initial meetings. What we need to work on is maintaining and developing the relationships

An update on the Sheffield Digital Mentoring scheme

Six months ago we launched our first mentoring scheme for Individual Members. So, how’s it going?

So far, 21 mentors have signed up to the scheme, offering many different skills and areas of expertise. We have 12 mentees on the scheme, and some of these have been matched with more than one mentor, giving us 14 matches in total. Our mentees have signed up to the scheme for many different reasons.

Introducing the Sheffield Digital Mentoring Scheme

Our new scheme will help Individual Members to develop and achieve their career goals.

Why mentoring? After consulting with our Individual Members about what they wanted from their membership, we could see there was demand to create a scheme where people could develop themselves and work towards a career goal. And what better way to do that than tapping into the wealth of knowledge and experience that exists among