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Episode 31: Ben Atha on The Developer Academy and teaching Sheffield to code

We talk to the founder of The Developer Academy about its blended approach to learning how to code.

Download the mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to the RSS feed Episode 31 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast is here and features an interview with Ben Atha, Director of MilkLab Media and founder of The Developer Academy. We talk to Ben about how the Academy offers Sheffield folk a new way to learn how

Announcing: Sheffield’s first ever Digital Festival!

You’ve heard us talking about it on the podcast. Now we’re excited to announce some details and ways for you to get involved.

The Sheffield Digital Festival is a collaboration between Field Design and Sheffield Digital. The theme for the Festival is “where creativity meets technical excellence”. The Festival is made up of a main event on Friday 17 May and a platform for people around the city to create and promote their own Fringe events during the