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Notes from Sheffield Meta-Meetup #5

On Thursday 20 August we held the latest in our series of ‘the meetup for people who organise meetups’

Following the success of Meta-Meetup #4, our plan was to run the event every six months. However, as we hadn’t planned for the arrival of a global pandemic we were a little late to host Meta-Meetup #5, but were very pleased with how it turned out and the discussions and questions that it sparked. It

Announcing Meta-Meetup #4

Meta-Meetup is the meetup for people who organise meetups, and those who would like to, and we're holding the next instalment on Monday the 25th November at Spaces, Acero on the Digital Campus.

The Meta-Meetup is an opportunity for event organisers to meet and exchange tips, collaborate and pool resources in order to make each other’s events more successful. Many of the meetups are ‘tech meetups’, but not all – the meta-meetup is open to anyone who organises regular events around particular topics or for specific communities in

Notes from Meta Meetup #3

On Monday the 15th October we held the latest in our series of ‘meetup for people who organise meetups’

Many of the event organisers run well-established meetups, but there were also several new series in the early planning stages. The venue was Spaces at Acero, which recently opened in the Digital Campus. Spaces, who are based in Amsterdam and now operate workspaces all over the world, have fitted out the ground floor of the

How to get your event on the Sheffield Digital calendar

Events on our calendar are seen by hundreds of people every week – make sure yours is on there too!

Best of all, for the most part, it’s populated by the people who organise those events. And we’d love to add more. If you have a meetup and want to get it on the calendar, this is the post for you. What type of event goes on the calendar? As you can tell by looking