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Tech, Set, Go! project to attract a more diverse range of people into digital

This experimental programme aims to address local digital skills shortages by engaging a greater variety of people in training to help prepare them for roles in the tech sector.

The tech skills shortage is not going away anytime soon and neither is the fact that the sector needs to be much more diverse. So it is great to hear that a new approach is about to be tested in Sheffield and across South Yorkshire, with the goal of opening up opportunities to local people

Episode 16: Emma Cooper on Playground, young people and digital, and diversity in tech

Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Emma, who is co-curator of the Playground exhibition and an all-round digital maker and doer.

Download the mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to the RSS feed Episode 16 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast is out and features a conversation with Emma Cooper, co-curator of Playgrounds, a week-long free exhibition of interactive art for children and families. Emma has worked in Sheffield’s digital sector for many years, so we also

Tech North initiative to help address the gender imbalance in tech.

Northern Voices will train people and find speaker opportunities.

Tech North has just announced Northern Voices, a six-month programme to help address the diversity challenge in tech/digital. The first course is designed specifically for women, and non-binary people who do not identify as men, to address the gender imbalance at conferences and in media appearances, in turn making digital jobs a more attractive career

Tales from the #VibrantSheffield Live Lab

Grant Thornton's recent Vibrant Sheffield event was exhilarating, but was it diverse enough to be a true watershed moment?

“I walked through hot coals last Friday”, he said. “It’s been pretty stressful then, helping to organise this?” “Four times.” I paused… “Wait, you actually walked through hot coals?” “Yup. Never thought I’d do something like that.” “Right. Blimey. So. How did you feel afterwards?” “Amazing. Like I could do anything!” I was in the