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Advocacy Update for September 2019

Mel, Chris and others we know very often participate in fora where Sheffield's economic strategy is discussed. Where possible, we want to share what gets talked about at these meetings, so that everyone has a chance to be more involved if they want to be.

This is the work we do to increase the profile of the digital tech sector amongst local, regional and national economic policy makers, so that we can work with them, alongside local businesses and individuals, to develop Sheffield’s tech ecosystem and create more opportunities for everyone. It’s the “Represent” part of our “Connect, Promote, Represent”

Representing Sheffield to central government

How being part of the UK Tech Cluster Group is raising the profile of Sheffield’s tech scene.

Over the past couple of years, a strong network has developed between the different groups that represent the regional tech clusters across the country. We’ve been meeting regularly to share information and ideas and, with the help of Danny Dickinson, head of regional tech policy at DCMS, have been able to talk to policy makers

Episode 14: Mayoral candidates on the region’s future and how digital fits in

We interview Hannah Kitching and Rob Murphy to find out their plans for Sheffield City Region if elected.

Download the mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to the RSS feed Episode 14 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast is ready for you. It’s a good one, as we interviewed two of the candidates in the upcoming Sheffield City Region mayoral election: Hannah Kitching of the Liberal Democrats and Rob Murphy from The Green Party.

Sheffield CC publishes the first Digital Coalition plans

Details of the Council's emerging digital approach are now available to read online for the first time.

Mark Gannon, Director of Business Change and Information Solutions at Sheffield City Council, has published the alpha version of the Council’s ‘Digital Coalition’ plans on Medium, and you can now read about them here. As many of you know, especially those who listened to episode 2 of our (awesome, by the way) podcast, we have