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Meet the Meetup: Sheffield DevOps

Join a community of people coming together to socialise, learn and share their expertise and experience of DevOps.

Since the first meeting in 2016, the Sheffield DevOps meet-up has been the go-to place for people working in sysadmin and DevOps to get together, socialise and learn. As the community re-builds Sheffield’s meet-up scene following the pandemic, we’re delighted that the DevOps meeting continues to thrive. Their next meet-up is scheduled on Thursday 8th

Career Change: sideways moves and squiggly careers in the tech sector

Shared experiences and advice from people who have made one or more moves to different roles in the tech sector.

What are sideways or squiggly career moves? First things first, let’s bust some jargon. A sideways (or lateral) career move is generally considered to be “similar in responsibility and pay to the one you already have” (according to Indeed), and this can include moves within your existing company, or to a different place. The term