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Sheffield CC publishes the first Digital Coalition plans

Details of the Council's emerging digital approach are now available to read online for the first time.

Mark Gannon, Director of Business Change and Information Solutions at Sheffield City Council, has published the alpha version of the Council’s ‘Digital Coalition’ plans on Medium, and you can now read about them here. As many of you know, especially those who listened to episode 2 of our (awesome, by the way) podcast, we have

Digital Policy Conflab #2 – “Spatio-sectoral planning”

We're hosting a public round-table discussion, in conjunction with Creative Sheffield, to find out more about the proposed digital hubs in Sheffield

I know. “Spatio-what??” Let me explain: For the second Sheffield Digital Policy Conflab, we’re working with Creative Sheffield to host a public round-table debate on the topic of what digital technology areas, or ‘clusters’, the city is looking to support (the sectoral bit), and where are the best places for that support to be located (the