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Company spotlight: Bossa Nova

We caught up with the world-leading retail services robotics manufacturer.

Bossa Nova became an exciting new addition to Sheffield’s tech scene in October 2018 when it opened its first European headquarters right here in the city. We caught up with Red McKay who heads up Bossa Nova in Sheffield, to find out how the company’s robots can improve shopping for us all and why now,

Episode 30: Red McKay on robotics, retail and Sheffield as a great place for business

We chat to CEO of Bossa Nova Robotics about the company's move to Sheffield and its game-changing technology.

Download the mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to the RSS feed From transport links and house prices to general quality of life, Red talked about why Bossa Nova chose to have its first Europe office in Sheffield. He also covered his own story and how he grew up in the city before establishing a