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Is your e-waste causing a global health crisis?

Unwanted electrical goods including computers, tablets and smartphones are putting the health of millions of children at risk.

This summer the World Health Organisation (WHO) published a report named ‘Children and Digital Dumpsites’ which explains how the millions of tonnes of toxic electronic waste dumped every year is putting children’s health at risk. In mid to low-income countries, where over 80% of e-waste is illegally dumped, children often work in informal e-waste recycling

Next stop, iRepair Sheffield

Ecclesall Road’s iRepair Stop has joined Sheffield Digital and is offering a 10% discount to all members.

iRepair Stop opened in October 2018 on Ecclesall Road, close to Sheffield Hallam’s Collegiate Campus. In its prime location, it has quickly become the go-to place for iPhone, iPad and MacBook repairs from the large student community, local residents and visitors from further afield. The team – which consists of Dave Walker, Cal Lapugean and