Sheffield City Region Vision

We have an opportunity to put forward our views on a long term vision for how our region should develop, plus some thoughts on how we feed into policy in general.

The major institutions in Sheffield City Region – that’s Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Dales, Doncaster, North East Derbyshire, Rotherham and Sheffield (in alpha order) – have recently come together to consider what they could do to “support the articulation and promotion of the long term strategic development” of the region.

To start working this out, they’ve launched an initiative called the SCR Vision. Here’s what they say about it:

The SCR Vision project will aim to generate a refreshed and compelling long-term vision for our City Region. We wish to draw on knowledge, expertise and vision from across the region’s communities, and business, public and civic sectors. Specialist consultants from Kevin Murray Associates have been commissioned to help us look at the region’s strengths and opportunities, as the basis for developing this long-term (25 year) vision for the Sheffield City Region. They will work with Professor Heather Campbell from the University of Sheffield, who is acting as strategic advisor for this work.

Over the coming months our team will be gathering evidence, holding in depth discussion meetings and developing and testing scenarios with key stakeholders and partners across the region.

As the first stage of this they are inviting people to submit ideas and evidence based on a series of prompt questions, which they’ve published on their website at We’ve turned these into a handy form which will send them an email when you submit it.

(Please note, the form and email content is completely confidential – we are not viewing, storing or retaining any of the data, it goes straight to the people conducting the consultation. ).

                   SCR Vision Form                    

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Monday 15th February

However, as well as submitting our individual ideas and opinions (which is definitely important), this raises the issue of how we should go about creating coherent policy recommendations from Sheffield Digital as a representative organisation. We’ve had many discussions about this and we’ll be posting more about that soon.

In the meantime, we wanted to find a fast way for people to get involved in a discussion about this, so that we can explore the kinds of things that we *could* ask for. So, to this end, we’ve created a #_policy channel on Slack and will kick off a conversation about the questions posed in the SCR Vision exercise. Our hope is that this will help us focus on some specific things to ask for in addition to any personal views, ideas and evidence that you want to contribute.

If you’re not on our Slack yet, please join us there.

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